Wireless Advocates

Costco Cellphone website

Redesigned membershipwireless.com homepage

Cleaned up the homepage with a grid making layout of items easier. Also, I minimized distractions with a focus on the content by putting the color in the objects and not the page structure. The content is linked to a CMS system for management and scheduled updates. I created and managed these updates for about 4 years.

New Accessories landing page with tiles

I designed and coded this page with tiles linking to accessory bundles and categories of device accessories making it easier to find items for a specific device. The content is linked to a CMS system for management and scheduled updates. I created and managed this content for about 3 years.



Costco Ads

The following ads are just a couple of the different ads and ad types I designed and maintained via CMS for Costco cellphones advertising that were on costco.com, membershipwireless.com (the Costco cellphone main site), and aafesmobile.com (cellphone sales for the military base exchanges online). I did these and many others for almost 4 years as a part of the Wireless Advocates eComm team.

Hero Ads

Category Feature HTC One Sprint Ad Category Feature HTC One Family Ad Category Feature LG G2 Ad

Feature Ads

Feature LG G2 Verizon Ad

Web App UI and UX Designer/Developer (April 2013 to January 2018)

  • Created and updated UI/UX designs and workflows for multiple websites (Costco and Military) and internal tools and applications.
  • Created wireframes and click-thru demos using tools like Axure and Dreamweaver (HTML, CSS, LESS, and JS).
  • Setup and themed the www.wirelessadvocates.com corporate website using WordPress.
  • Created content, ads, banners, and assets for costco.com, membershipwireless.com (Costco cellphones site), ShopMyExchange.com, and aafesmobile.com (military Base eXchange cellphones site) sites.
  • Coordinated iconic product launches with merchandising, marketing, and distribution while managing the e-commerce dev team through the launch.
  • Designed and coded landing pages for new devices and carrier programs using HTML/CSS.
  • Managed and scheduled releases of the latest asset updates via a Content Management System (CMS) tool.
  • Created new CMS templates and CMS driven pages.
  • Assisted and mentored developers with programming of new and existing pages on our sites as the HTML and CSS SME.
  • Expert at Google Analytic tagging and data mining.
  • Managed, maintained, and pushed SQL driven data for multiple sites.
  • Participated in releases and hot fixes of team’s managed sites.

Tools and Environment: Photoshop, Illustrator, Axure RP, Eclipse, Dreamweaver, SQL Management Studio, Visual Studio (VSTS), Confluence, FogBugz, LanDesk, Prototypes, Wireframes, Mockups, Redlines, Cold Fusion, RedGate, WordPress, LESS, HTML, and CSS