Whidbey Telecom

Advertising and Signage

This poster for data services was designed and had printed to be displayed in Skotdal Real Estate building in Everett WA for services to tenants that live and worked there. I also created similar advertising using this style for advertising in and around the three FiberCloud Datacenters.

Graphic Designer (June 2004 – Jan 2006)

  • Designed and created advertising that accompanies bills
  • Designed and created banners and signage for events and advertising around the island community
  • Designed and created signage and advertising for sister companies (Whidbey Telecom Security and Alarms, Whidbey Telecom Internet, and FiberCloud Data Centers)
  • I developed the ‘Always On!’ tagline with an on button logo for the ‘O’ in ‘On!’ for FiberCloud
  • Traveled to Data Driven Marketing conference in San Fransisco, CA.

Tools and Environment: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign