Microsoft Research Advanced Development Team

Microsoft Research Lecture Series

Web UX and Print Designer (Apr 2006 – Apr 2007)

  • Designed art for current MSR website, built specialty web pages and portals, developed web page templates and wireframes (redlines with page specifications), created and updated electronic newsletters and maintained an archive of web site information
  • Evaluated software tools for the new MSR web site
  • Participated as a member of the Business Information team, utilizing WebTrends software, to evaluate web site statistics such as search strings that are used to find subjects on the MSR website
  • Participated as a key member of the Information Architecture team, where I created an online guide to explain the new content types/styles and file handling (creation source, user access and storage locations) for the new MSR web site
  • Represented MSR at the Photoshop World Conference in Las Vegas Nevada (fall 2007) and attended sessions