Envision Telephoney

Click 2 Coach Style Guide

The Style Guide is what I created for the developers to be able to continue developing the new application after my one month contract ended. I also left a conference room full of step-by-step process flows and page designs for the developers to follow.

Style Guide.pdf

Click 2 Coach Client Presentation

My contract was extended an additional month to put this presentation together and present it to several of the clients of Envision (United Airlines, Costco Travel, and 5 others both domestic and international). It spells out the why the redesign, steps I took, and examples of what was to changes in the product. Interestingly enough in most presentations about half way through the sales folks started answering the client questions before I or the developers could answer them due to the design.


Web Application UI/UX Designer (Dec 2012 to Feb 2013)

  • Interviewed stakeholders to gather requirements and determine issues to be fixed with the UI update.
  • Designed the new UI based on the interview feedback.
  • Updated the sites Information Architecture.
  • Created an application style guide for reference.
  • Created wireframes, mockups, and redlines of the new web application.
  • Met with clients and presented the new UI to promote it and gather frontline feedback and any additional requirements.

Tools and Environment: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Wireframes, Mockups, Redlines, JIRA, Agile