Computer Source Magazine


This was a series of branding posters and ads I created around the launch of the AMD Athlon 64 processor. These were run in the magazine as well as printed and sent to local computer stores. I worked with the branding team and guidelines at AMD to fit within the rules to get marketing funding directly from AMD.

Magazine Ads

These were full page 4 color ads printed in Computer Source Magazine. If you have questions about print ads, please feel free to ask because I have magazines full of print items I’ve created. The magazine was a 4 color glossy page monthly publication of roughly 80 pages. It contained ads and branding that I either created or updated and articles that were written and illustrated by the editor/writer or the Art Director, who laid out the second half of the magazine as a split duty with me.

Graphic Designer and Print Production Specialist (July 2004 – Jan 2006)

  • Designed 4 color ads for clients of the magazine
  • Made monthly changes to continuing existing ads
  • Took product photos for articles or ads in magazine
  • Created 4 color branding campaign elements
  • Laid out half of the magazine using Adobe InDesign

Tools and Environment: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator