Getting out there

This is what I’ve been up to lately…

July 13-15 2018: 60th Annual Pyfer-Inabinet Family Reunion

The Jackson family traveled to Cataldo ID for our 60th Annual Family Reunion which resembles a family camp out. We are so spoiled to have access to such a wonderful place. The scenery is beautiful, the weather is hot and dry, the night skies are filled with stars, evenings are very colorful (see slides), the kids have lots to do, and the folk are friendly and fun.

See you all next year!

Feb – June 2018: Moving is tougher than it looks

OMG! Moving is time consuming and hard on the body. I started packing back in February and figured that with what was left at staging time it wouldn’t take more than a week to do the final moving out. I was sooooo wrong. It took ALL of June. We finally closed out our house in Lynnwood on July 2nd. We now live full time in Kirkland. The kids are loving the pool at the townhouse and the wife is loving her commute to Redmond. Things are looking up. 🙂

April 2018: Last Day of Skiing

An incredible day of skiing to end the 2017-2018 ski season at Stevens Pass.It was a fleece coat, with no hat or gloves day, with fantastic spring snow conditions. This happened to be the only day of the entire year that we skied in the sun and didn’t get snowed on. I’ve skied since I was 4 or 5 and never actually skied in April, let alone as late as April 23rd. Very cool (warm actually).

My son’s favorite part of the day was the event down at the lodge in the afternoon watching crazy folks ski down and attempt to skim across a pool made in the snow. Next year he can bring a second set of clothes and do it himself.

Jan 2018: Mass layoff at Wireless Advocates

Sad day. I and a large number of my now ex-coworkers are unemployed. It is said that it is due to investments not paying off as quickly as needed to maintain the skeletal workforce we were operating under. I thank my management team for being ready for endorsements and references. I also thank the team of developers, marketers, and thought leaders in the cellphone industry for nearly 5 great years, a lifetime in tech for a single employer.

December 2018: Christmas in Spokane

It’s great coming home and seeing the folks and family. Love the snow! I am able to take my son skiing at 40° North and Mount Spokane for some great runs. Lots of snow falling in the hills and NO Cascade Concrete on these mountains. Just fresh, soft powder.

I’m looking forward to doing more skiing this winter and spring when we are back home. Too bad we can’t take some of these wonderful soft snow back with us. When Cel and Evelyn arrived Christmas even, they brought with them the creeping crud. I’m hopeful that nobody else gets it and thankful it’s a great time to rest and relax.